Q: What do I get for my entry fee other than the opportunity to get real muddy, dirty, sweaty and tired?

A: You get one free beer, neat Buffalo Battle T-shirt(distinctly designed), finisher medal, live music, swag bag and race bib – and a HIGH SELF ESTEEM THAN WHEN YOU ENTERED THE HALLOWED BUFFALO BATTLE GROUNDS!!

Q: Is Buffalo Battle safe?

A: There are risks involved, just like in life, however, we do everything possible to keep the event safe and doable. We do have paramedics and ambulances on site in case of emergency. Remember you enter the Battle at your own risk.

Q: Can we compete with relays?

A: Yes, as spelled out in the entry information

Q: How about a crazy costume or run barefoot?

A: Yes, we encourage a crazy costume and even have an award for the craziest. Running barefoot would be your choice but you must know that there will be critters, thorns, etc., through out the course, so do at your on risk and we don’t recommend it.


Q: How do I train for Buffalo Battle?

A: Do as much running as you can, but please get off the couch at least 3 weeks before the event. Do some light running, light lifting, light climbing, drink a beer, do some light crawling, eat some mud, then sprint to the fridge at least twice a day. Oh & be sure to check out Cross Fit 806 for training tips! Now your ready!!

Q: I am not in good shape, can I really do this?

A: Probably not, but you can try anyway(joking). Yes of course you can do it after following the above training recommendation and preparing your mind for this new adventure.

Q: One of the obstacles looks too scary for me and too tough what do I do.

A: Practice it some way to overcome this fear or bypass it on race day and still get a finisher medal !

Q: The swimming is the kicker for me, I can’t swim? Should I enter any way?

A: Absolutely. You are not required to swim, none of the water hazards will be over your head, you can walk the whole way!

Q: What is packet pick up?

A: Your packet has everything you need to be an entrant to the race, t-shirt, bib number, etc. When you pick it up it is called, “packet pick up.”

Q: What should I bring?

A: The normal, photo ID, change of clothes, entrant waiver, and plenty of nerve!

Q: Can I pick up my friend’s packet?

A: No

Q: What should I wear?

A: What you are going to race in plus a change, since you will get dirty and sweaty.

Q: When is post race party?

A: Actually the party last all day!

Q: What if it rains?

A: Makes for a great day of racing!

Q: Is there water on the course?

A: Yes- Pure Element Mineral Water and electrolyte products.

Q: What are fees and is parking extra?

A: Please check web site for current fees and parking, they may change from city to city.

Q: Can spectators come to see our victory?

A: Yes, the more the merrier!

Q: Can we bring our cameras?

A: Absolutely!!

Q: Do you accept mail in entries?

A: No, online entry only.

Q: Can kids compete?

A: Kids 12 and older may enter.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Sorry, no refunds under any circumstances. You may transfer your entry to the following year.

Q: Can I transfer my entry to another party?

A: No

Q: Are there wait lists for sold out events?

A: No

Q: My question is sensitive and personal, can I talk to someone?

A: Yes, please go to: contact us on the web site and we will get back to you asap!

Q: Is obstacle racing fun, crazy, stupid, dirty, insane or what?

A: All of the above!! And we are proud of it!!

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